Recycled Silk & Crepe Rag Rug

A beautiful cotton and crepe shaggy cloth rug.

A soft, floppy and tufty fun rug that is great for children’s rooms or bathrooms. For an alternative use soften an old sofa and place the rug over the arm for a bang up to date squidgy, spongy, sloppy and beautiful texture.

Supplier Info: The supplier who makes this rug employs nearly two hundred people using traditional techniques such as handlooms and hand tufting. They use a lot of recycled fabric materials and recycle their own waste fabrics. In addition to statutory wages, employees receive benefits such as the Provident Fund for retirement and employee state insurance. The company also supports the Indian blood bank. As a company, they are proud of their management coordination, fair judgement and team spirit. 

Size: W: 60cm L: 100cm H: 5cm

Material: Cotton

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