Eclectic Mix Of Glass Pendant Lights

A fabulous mix of glass pendant ceiling lights.

These beautiful lights come individually, but also look great hung as a group.There is a combination of hand blown to coloured cut glass. they each include a contemporary wire rope and metal ceiling fitting with fabric twisted flex.

Stunning lights that will cast a really pretty light in any room.

Glass, recyled glass, brass, fabric cord

From the left to the right of the main picture:

Small Smoke: h 17 cm x d 17 cm
Fabric wire: 200 cm, Weight: 0.88 kg
Socket Size: E27, Max Watt: 40 w

Clear Glass: h 20cm, d 21cm,
Fabric wire, 200 cm, Weight; 1.60kg, 
Socket Size; E27, Max Watt; 40,  

Smoke with Cut Glass & Brass: h 30 cm x d 18 cm
Fabric wire, 200 cm, Weight; 2.20 kg
Socket Size: E27, Max Watt: 40 w

Smoked Cut Glass: h 20 cm x d 21 cm
Fabric wire: 200 cm, Weight: 1.45 kg
Socket Size: E27, Max Watt: 40 w

Coffee Coloured Cut Glass Decanter: h 23 cm x d 10 cm
Fabric wire: 1.5 m, Weight: 0.90 kg
Socket Size: E14, Max Watt: 40 w

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