Kashmiri Spice Tins with Rack Set

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These brighten up the kitchen a treat!


A set of 12 beautiful stainless steel spice tins in mouthwatering colours. Handpainted in different shades, in a small fairtrade artisan cottage craft company based in Kashmir in Northern India.

Each piece will be slightly different and have its own character; colours may differ slightly from those pictured,and designs may contain slight imperfections. There will be some repeats of colours.

The rack is made from woven wire and made especially for these spice tins; it houses 3 rows of 4 tins. It has 4 hooks at the bottom for utensils, for example. It is easily attached to a wall.

Sold as a set of 12 tins alone or with a display rack. Please choose at checkout.

Handpainted foodsafe tins. Woven wire rack.

Tins measure 10cm high x 7cm wide.  measures 32cm x 60cm approximately.

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