'Festival' Pleated Pendant Lights

These are really funky, colourful, pleated pendant shades.

These amazing pleated paper lampshade is come in 5 different colour ways. They are beautifully simple in their construction, yet eye catching and complex in appearance. This bold, regal and striking accessory looks stylish and neat on its own or teamed together for a fun and daring look.

The primary colour scheme would suit a child's bedroom or a functional, modern kitchen with its clean lines and geometric design.

Choose from; (left to right) Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Green; 

Pleated waxed paper.

Red: d 30 x h 51 cm
Orange: d 46 x h 34 cm
Pink: d 38 x h 33 cm
Blue: d 24 x h 25 cm
Green:  d 35 x h 41 cm


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