Set Of Two Ribbed Rectangle Planters

Tall and elegant in style, this set of 2 Rectangular Planters provide perfect planting space for use throughout the garden.


Echoing the traditional design of Victorian dolly buckets, the planters have the same distinctive fluted pattern yet taper towards the base for a more contemporary appearance.

Extremely durable and strong the outdoor planters are produced using Fibre Clay which is specifically frost (-20°C) and heat (+40°C) resistant. This ensures longevity for use in a range of climates.


Large: H49 x W60 x D30cm   Inner: H47 x W55 x D24.5cm

Small: H40 x W50 x D23cm    Inner: H38 x W45.5 x D18.5cm


Crafted in Fibre Clay

Material breakdown: 50% Magnesia, 35% Magnesium Chloride, 15% Fibreglass

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