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Whisky Fine Clay Handmade Planters

A large planter for your floor? Choose these simple but voluminous designs for your home décor.

There inviting and calming effect is created partly by the earthy tone, partly by the simple glaze that reflects the handmade quality of this planter. The saucer doubles as a lid if you feel like switching it up and using the planter for storage from time to time. The planter does not have a drainage hole at the bottom.

This handmade item has a rustic look and is porous. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that it is completely waterproof. To prevent damage to your surfaces, use a saucer, place the planter on a pad or use an insert.

Size: Small - h: 19 cm, dia: 22 cm

           Medium - h: 27 cm, dia: 29 cm

           Large - h: 41 cm, dia: 39 cm

Material:  Fine clay

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