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Personalised Family Advent Candle Set

A personalised family advent candle set, containing 24 numbered candles.

Sage and white lidded jars will come with 10cm tapered charcoal candles with black numbers, or white with black numbers.

This is a truly gorgeous advent gift to give from one family to another or for your own family to create a tradition that will be remembered for generations to come. It is a candle holder, which shows the numbered candles contained inside and each day the next numbered candle is placed in the holder to burn. A personalised tag can be added to the holder as shown for that extra personal touch.

The black lidded holder itself is designed to hold 18 of the candles at a time and at home, we at The Forest & Co put the first 18 in ours and then add the remaining six as advent begins and candles are used.

You may purchase colorful candles only also from the drop-down menu. (only suitable for the black lidded jars)

Tapered single coloured candles are availble in a seperate listing.

Size: H: 16.5 x  D: 11cm

Material: Metal and glass.

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